Videos For Your Inner Nerd. Unleash it.

We know its hard to geek out over something and everyone starts looking at you like you're some kind of weirdo. Welcome to the club! Our videos are for your inner nerd/geek to come out of hiding and join the fellowship.


GameChat Slide

GameChat is our flagship and original Borderline Entertainment weekly podcast. Asa and Andrew are your hosts and they sit around the table with their weird mugs and talk about all things Tune in Tuesdays to get your GameChat fix.

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Otaku Sunrise is BLE's very own Japanese vlog show. Andrew greets you Wednesday mornings to talk about what's picking his little otaku brain. Anime, manga, food, music, literature - nothing is off the table in this wacky morning show.

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Movie Minute is hosted by our very own Addison. Addison is somewhat of a film buff, tune in on Thursdays to listen to him talk with a variety of co hosts about modern and classic films. Put on your glasses and ascots, 'cause your about to get film buffed.

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Borderline Bookclub is a Josh and Asa venture, with Andrew as a contributor. Really geek out as the guys talk about writers and books, both modern and classic. Let's get back into reading, together!


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