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Picture this; you skipped breakfast in the morning. Lunch was a bag of Cheetos from the break room vending machine. You’re stuck in traffic for an hour on the way home, and thoughts of dinner cloud your mind. When you get through the door, there’s a plate waiting for your ravenous self.

Enter the ‘Order Up’ section of our E3 preview. The following titles have garnered so much hype and so much anticipation, we’re practically salivating over them.


Bloodborne II
Now, this is an interesting one. Possibly the most-anticipated game of E3 2017 isn’t even confirmed to exist in any capacity. But the Soulsborne series attracts fanatics – lore fanatics, pain fanatics, etc., etc. – and speculation fanatics are no exception.

A variety of rumors and probably-fake-but-possibly-not Bloodborne II screenshots have flooded the web with ever-increasing intensity over the past month. A teaser trailer that boasted the phrase ‘Prepare to Dine’ was thought to be a hint at a Bloodborne sequel, but was ultimately revealed to be a new, vampire-centric RPG called Code Vein.

So, will E3 offer a new journey into the punishing world of Yharnam? Quite simply, only time will tell. It’s anyone’s best guess at this moment; one minute, a reveal seems like a pipe dream, the next a sure thing. One thing is certain, though. A reveal of this magnitude would be a bona fide show-stealer.

Dev: FromSoftware?
Pub: SIE

Pokémon Switch?
Though Pokken Tournament was recently confirmed for a Nintendo Switch adaptation, fans of the colorful and collectible monsters are anxious for a new game that makes the most of the Switch’s unique capabilities. Pokémon will no doubt have a presence at E3; especially with the recent news of Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun being developed. Add this to the adapted Pokken Tournament, and Pikachu is sure to be hanging around Los Angeles.

But, fans want more. Can’t be surprised there; that’s just how we are. Borderline Entertainment in particular is home to a number of Pokémaniacs, and we’re watching E3 closely for any sign of new pocket monster content.

Dev: Gamefreak?
Pub: ?

The State of Halo
We hate to break it to you, but recent news suggests Halo 6 will be absent from the E3 festivities. However, Microsoft has been teasing a Halo announcement that isn’t the sixth entry into the main series. Our next best guess is Halo Wars; but with Halo Wars II having just released in February, we highly doubt that’s it, unless we’re talking DLC. Or, perhaps we’ll see some Steam remasters, or even news of a TV show or movie adaptation.

It just seems odd to think of an E3 without the presence of at least something Halo-related.

Dev: 343 Studios?
Pub: Microsoft Studios

Cyberpunk 2077
There’s been plenty of games that have failed to live up to their monumental hype. If there’s ever been a chance of a game shattering that trend, it’s Cyberpunk 2077.

First, the hype: set in the near-future, Cyberpunk 2077 promises a living, breathing world for players to immerse themselves in as they traverse a metropolis packed with characters and meticulous details. That’s about all we know, which of course means the hype train has flown off the tracks with gameplay and story speculation.

Now, the reason why we think it can live up to these expectations; Cyberpunk 2077 is being developed by CD Projekt RED, the team behind The Witcher series. Most recently, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt took home award after award thanks to its compelling story, punishing yet rewarding combat, and beautifully fleshed-out world.

As we said, there’s not a lot of info on Cyberpunk 2077. Reports seem to suggest the game is still some ways away; we’d be surprised if there’s anything concrete at E3 other than answers to interview questions. But Borderline is trusting in the team behind Geralt’s digital adventure to deliver an experience unlike any other.

Dev: CD Projekt Red

Star Wars titles
Star Wars: Battlefront II is confirmed to make an appearance at E3, but shooters aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Star Wars never really leaves pop culture, but with the recent releases of Rogue One and The Force Awakens, it’s more firmly rooted in the zeitgeist than it has been in years past.

Which means, it’s the perfect time to cash in and bring a galaxy far, far away to life with current-day console and PC capabilities.

A surprise Star Wars title would definitely be the talk of the convention. Perhaps we’ll see the long-awaited remaster of Knights of the Old Republic; or maybe we’ll see a new entry into the series altogether. Maybe we’ll see Star Wars jump into genres it hasn’t touched in a while, like real-time strategy or even fighting. Given the current state of things, we’d be surprised to see Battlefront II as the only offering at E3.

Dev: ???
Pub: ???

…And Everything Else
Of course, part of the fun of E3 season is getting hyped with your friends over upcoming games and trailer reveals. But sometimes, it’s the surprises that are the most memorable. Enjoy the weekend, enjoy news on your anticipated titles, but keep your eyes open for new favorites!