These titles have given us a bit more information than those in the ‘Frozen’ category, but the majority of them are still largely a mystery. Here’s hoping a presence at E3 heats them up a bit!

Crackdown III
Have you ever sat down for a gaming session, looked over your library, and thought, ‘Man…I wish I had a game that let me destroy literally everything.
If you have, then you’re in luck; because that’s exactly what Microsoft Studios and Reagent Games is promising with Crackdown III. Through the use of cloud-powered technology, multiplayer action in Crackdown III could see entire cities leveled as players run amok. There hasn’t been too many other details revealed, but we imagine the third entry in the series will retain the sandbox elements and high-tech flair that made the first two games a blast.

Dev: Reagent Games, Sumo Digital, Cloudgine
Pub: Microsoft Studios

‘Surreal’ might be the best word to describe Studio MDHR’s Cuphead. Playing as the titular character – who does, in fact, have a cup for a head – you’re tasked with battling bosses to repay your debt to the devil.
Now, with that in mind, picture what that type of game would look like. Are you picturing dark environments, grotesque creatures, and hell-fire?
Good! Because you’re totally wrong, and that’s what makes Cuphead so intriguing. Instead of the aforementioned style, Cuphead is designed as a throwback to cartoons of the 1930’s and their ‘rubber-hose animation’. Players will run and gun their way through a colorfully twisted world as they guide Cuphead toward freedom. Branching level sequences and unique, continuous boss battles – along with the wacky art direction - ensures Cuphead will be a memorable adventure when it hits Xbox One and PCs. Here’s hoping Studio MDHR offers some fresh wackiness at E3.

Dev: Rare
Pub: Microsoft Studios

Days Gone
Open-world. Action-adventure. Survival-horror. If any of those combinations catch your eye, you might want to look out for more news on the latest entry in the zombie video game craze: Days Gone. Players will step into the shoes of a rough-and-tumble bounty hunter named Deacon St. Jones as they explore a wild, apocalypse-ravaged world. Days Gone first garnered attention when a video of Deacon battling a horde in a lumberyard went viral on social media. The scene was something out of 28 Days Later as the zombies – dubbed ‘Freakers’ – sprinted over obstacles and clawed after a tasty drifter dish.
Granted, we’ve seen games throw huge numbers of the undead at us before; specifically in the Dead Rising series. While Dead Rising offered a certain degree of freedom, Days Gone could blow said freedom out of the water depending on how big the game world is. Borderline is watching this one closely to see if it becomes just another zombie slaughter simulation, or if it has what it takes to reinvent the genre.

Dev: SIE Bend Studio
Pub: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Spider-Man PS4
It’s a good time to be a superhero fan. There’s a new blockbuster out every other month it seems, and you can’t so much as set foot in public without seeing at least an Avenger or two. Unfortunately, aside from the brilliant LEGO games, heroes have been rather underrepresented in quality titles.
Enter Spider-Man for the Playstation 4. The title has been confirmed for PS4, but it remains to be seen just how in-depth our sneak peek will be. Gaming fans of the friendly neighborhood webslinger will surely remember the incredible adventures available on the Xbox and PS2. We were able to truly step into Spider-Man’s costumed shoes as we slung ourselves around the city, saving citizens, beating up baddies, and even running down loose balloons.
There’s a lot to be excited about here. First, it’s been confirmed that the developer, Insomniac Games, is using a modified version of the engine found in Sunset Overdrive to create Peter Parker’s new adventure. Sunset Overdrive was a triumph in movement mechanics, and we can’t wait to see how that translates to the webslinger. Second, it’s from Insomniac Games. As in, the guys and gals that brought us Rachet & Clank, Spyro, and Resistance, just to name a few. Petey’s definitely in good hands.
Finally, with a rumored 2017 release, this game could hit the market at an absolutely perfect time. Spider-Man: Homecoming is swinging into theaters this Fall, and hype for Spidey will be at a fever pitch.

Dev: Insomniac
Pub: Sony Interactive Entertainment

God of War 4
You gotta feel for Kratos. Even if he’s the God of War, he has to be at least a little worn out by now. He’s slain armies, mythical monsters, and even other gods on his rampage across Sony platforms. With the latest entry in the best-selling series confirmed for E3, Borderline Entertainment is curious about one thing: what’s Kratos’ deal with the Norse?
If you haven’t heard, the newest title will be a sort of soft reboot for the series. Out with Zeus, in with Odin. The Greek pantheon is getting traded for the frigid Norse gods as Kratos and his son Atreus join forces to cut their way through the North.
There are a few notable changes players will have to adjust to. For example – as you might expect if you played God of War III – Kratos no longer wields his signature double-chained blades. Instead, the big guy is hanging his hat on a magical battle axe that is infused for added power. Perhaps most interesting is the presence of Kratos’ son; he’s not just a story element. Instead, Atreus functions almost like an extra resource. Kratos can direct his son to assist him in combat with lightning arrows or send him off to deal with cannon fodder while Kratos goes toe-to-toe with greater threats. The new God of War has hardly been a secret, but we’re interested to see what fresh news E3 brings of Kratos’ tale.

Dev: SIE Santa Monica Studio
Pub: Sony Interactive Entertainment