Meet the Team!

We are a company that aims to build bridges between worlds. We're not scientists building bridges between dimensions, but connecting the the geek elite with the common man, the pwnrs with the casuals. With content ranging from podcasts to short films, articles, and more, the borders of the galaxy are the limit. We've got an ever evolving umbrella of content that makes sure every screen everywhere is safe for viewing - mostly. We are Borderline Entertainment, barely winning your affections, one flop at a time.

asa 2

Asa GreenRiver

Benevolent Overlord

Asa loves long walks on the beach, surviving off of solely honey and locusts in the woods, and comes fully-loaded with grandiose ideas. Lead us to the the precious, master!


Addison Tossey

Technical Guru

Addison is a bad boy who doesn't take no for an answer! But he is also very respectful of consent. His special moves are helicopter kick and making us look good.


Josh Webb

Legal Advisor

Don't let this suit fool you. Josh is a lovable goof who has mastered the art of bird law and knows a little bit about regular law. He'll take you for a spin in his rocket ship any ol' time!


Andrew Ballenger

Editing Marksman

The man who provides you with everything you ever wanted... in terms of BLE content. This quiet guy is a true gem! And yes, he did write this.